Enjoy Extra 30% Annual Rewards on IPXUS

3 min readOct 23, 2020


IPX Staking on IPXUS site has received a strong welcome from IPX holders. With great appreciation for your support and to celebrate the 2 million users milestone in advance, we cooperated with the Tachyon team to launch a special bonus event for all IPX staking participants. Welcome to join!

Basic info:

All participants who join staking during the event period can get extra 30% annual rewards. Total staking amount of this event is limited at 20,000,000 IPX.

  • Event Period:

16:00 PM 23/10 to 16:00 PM 23/11 (UTC+9)

  • Rewards:

30% Annual Rewards

Your daily bonus rewards = Your staking amount * 30% / 365

Your total rewards = Staking rewards + Session Rewards + Bonus Rewards

How to join:

  • If you haven’t staked on IPXUS before:

Step1. Find the event on the homepage and click “join now”.

Step2. Follow the guide to join IPX staking

Step3. Confirm. You will receive all rewards together on the third day after your participation.

  • If you have already staked on IPXUS:

Step1. Find the event on the homepage and click “join now”.

Step2. You will receive a reminder. Tap “confirm” to enable your current staking to join the event. The bonus rewards will be received on the third day after your participation.

If you add new staking during the event period, all of your current staking will be regarded to participate in the event. All your staking amount will be calculated in the bonus rewards.


Q1. If I have staked before the event period, can I join this event?

Yes. All participants who are staking IPX during the event period can join this event to get 30% bonus rewards. Please get back to the homepage to join the event.

Q2. When will the rewards be distributed?

The bonus rewards will be sent to your wallet on a daily basis like our staking and session rewards.

Q3. Is there a lock up?

Nope. You can withdraw your IPX anytime but once your IPX is lower than the amount you choose to stake, you will be regarded as quitting out and can’t get rewards.

Q4. What if I add more staking during the event period?

If you have joined the event with a confirmed amount, the added amount after the participation will not be counted. If you want to add more to join, you need to submit a new wallet. The amount of one same wallet to join the bonus event can’t be changed unless you quit and join again.

Q5. Can I join again if I quitted?

Yes. You can use the same address to join during the event period.

Q6. Where can I check my Bonus rewards?

You can check your bonus rewards on your staking dashboard. It will be shown on your rewards list.

Q7. What does the 20,000,000 IPX mean?

The 20,000,000 refers to the total amount of the IPX which can join this event. Once there are 20,000,000 IPX joining the event, it will show full participation. Since there is no lock up, the condition will change anytime which means you can still have a chance to join.

Feel free to contact IPXUS:

Telegram: https://t.me/masonipxus

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ipxus




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