FAQ on Staking IPX on ipxus.com

6 min readJun 2, 2020

Part1. About ipxus.com

Q1. What is ipxus.com?

IPXUS is the first official Platform Partner of Tachyon which offers Tachyon cloud servers renting & management and runs IPX staking. This site is developed in collaboration with the Tachyon team and is authorized to initially launch IPX Staking.

ipxus.com helps IPX holders to become Tachyon Node Providers and earn node incentives easily, without any technical skills required. The servers we offer are all from AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean and other top cloud service providers.

Q2. What’s the relationship between IPXUS and Tachyon?

We are the early members of the Tachyon Node community who help build the Tachyon Network. Tachyon Protocol and Tachyon VPN are amazing. The IPX Staking System is very special and unique which will greatly help to expand our node community. We developed ipxus.com to help more people run nodes and get IPX rewards easily.

Q3. What’s the advantages of IPXUS as the first Platform Partner of Tachyon?

  1. We are experienced in server operation and maintenance. The professional technical team guarantees the stable operation of the server and continuous income.
  2. The servers we offer are all the top well-known cloud services including AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, etc.
  3. We have the legal team to handle possible legal issues and completely isolates you from potential risks.

Q4. Are there any customer supporters to help solve problems? How can I contact them?

Yes. Of course. Feel free to contact us via Twitter or Telegram if you have any questions.

Part2. About Participation

Q1. How to join Staking on ipxus.com?

You can check the step-by-step guide here.

You can also find the official guide on our website.

Q2. Do I need to transfer my token to join? Will my assets be safe?

You don’t need to transfer your token anywhere with the V Systems’ cold minting technology. Your token will be totally safe in your own wallet. Since this technology has been used in VSYS staking for a long time and many VSYS holders have tried it and proved its safety, the security of your digital assets can be guaranteed. And when you join staking, the only info you need to submit is the public wallet address. No other private info or authorization is required. Your public wallet address is used to confirm your participation and distribute the rewards.

Q3. How many IPX do I need to stake for one node?

An individual Tachyon node has a staking capacity of 20,000–200,000 IPX. To start a single node, the minimum staking is 20,000 IPX. If your staking amount is beyond 200,000 IPX, the excess part will not be counted.

Q4. How long should I stake?

You can stake as long as you wish. Even if you just stake for one day, there will be rewards for you.

Q5. How many nodes can I stake?

The Maximum node number you can stake with one wallet address is 50.

Q6. Do I need to rent and run servers by myself?

Nope. We will help to do that.

Q7. Can I cancel my participation after staking? How to cancel it?

Of course you can. There is a ‘Stop’ option in your participation account. You just need to click it then your participation can be cancelled immediately. And if the amount of IPX in your wallet changed to be less than 20,000, you will be regarded as stop staking as well automatically by our system.

Part3. About Rewards

Q1. What rewards can I earn?

Apart from regular staking rewards generated from the system, Node Incentives also include variable session rewards based on the contribution made to the core system. The more VPN traffic you provide, the more session rewards the Node Provider can get.

Q2. How to calculate my rewards?

Your total Node Incentives = Staking Rewards + Session Rewards. You can calculate it by this official calculator.

  • Staking Rewards: A 5% regular reward generated by the system.

* Circulating supply = please refer to the corresponding data on CoinMarketCap. This data will be adjusted according to the actual circulating supply in the future.

* 5% = circulating supply inflation rate.

* 5% * Circulating supply = The total amount of IPX token that the reward system generates.

* S = Total effective Staking amount of IPX token from all participants that day.

* Y_n = Total amount of IPX token you stake that day.

  • Session Rewards:the variable reward from selling bandwidth to global VPN users.

Since IPX Staking System hasn’t been integrated into Tachyon VPN yet, Session Rewards will be calculated by this formula and distributed by Tachyon temporarily during the global testing period.

* 1 Session = 5 MB block of traffic.

* P_A(x) = The average price of your sessions that day.

* x = The total sessions of your nodes that day.

* P_A(m) = The average price of all sessions in the system that day.

* m = The total sessions in the system that day.

* This session Rewards formula is only applicable during the test period.

Once IPX Staking System is added into Tachyon VPN, the calculation will be as follows:

Session Rewards = P_A(x) * x

* P_A(x) = The average price of your sessions.

* n = The total sessions from your nodes that day.

Q3. When will the rewards be distributed?

All rewards are designed to be distributed to Node Providers on a daily basis.

Q4. Can my interest also generate interest?

Yes. All your rewards can be automatically re-staked, creating a compounding benefit.

Q5. If I cancel the participation, can I get my rewards?

As the rewards calculation and distribution is on a daily basis. If your staking period is less than 24 hours, you will get no rewards. If you have staked over 24 hours, the rewards will be received.

Q6. Can I get more rewards if I stake for a longer time?

Yes. To celebrate the official launch of ipxus.com, we have offered bonus rewards for the early stakers who stake for a long time from 4th June to 11th June. The longer you stake, the more rewards you will receive. First come first served. The bonus rates are as follows:

Q7. Is there a lock up date for my rewards?

Nope. You can cancel and withdraw your rewards anytime.

Q8. What time zone does IPXUS use for rewards calculation?


Feel free to contact IPXUS:

Telegram: https://t.me/masonipxus

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ipxus




The first Platform Partner of Tachyon Protocol. Professional in Node Management. Join initial IPX Staking on our site ipxus.com.