FAQ on Staking IPX on ipxus.com

Part1. About ipxus.com

Q1. What is ipxus.com?

Q2. What’s the relationship between IPXUS and Tachyon?

Q3. What’s the advantages of IPXUS as the first Platform Partner of Tachyon?

Q4. Are there any customer supporters to help solve problems? How can I contact them?

Part2. About Participation

Q1. How to join Staking on ipxus.com?

Q2. Do I need to transfer my token to join? Will my assets be safe?

Q4. How long should I stake?

Q5. How many nodes can I stake?

Q6. Do I need to rent and run servers by myself?

Q7. Can I cancel my participation after staking? How to cancel it?

Part3. About Rewards

Q1. What rewards can I earn?

Q2. How to calculate my rewards?

Q3. When will the rewards be distributed?

Q4. Can my interest also generate interest?

Q5. If I cancel the participation, can I get my rewards?

Q6. Can I get more rewards if I stake for a longer time?

Q7. Is there a lock up date for my rewards?

Q8. What time zone does IPXUS use for rewards calculation?

The first Platform Partner of Tachyon Protocol. Professional in Node Management. Join initial IPX Staking on our site ipxus.com.

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