How to Join IPX Staking on

Joining IPX Staking on just needs a few simple steps. Follow this step-by-step guide. You can also find this on our website.

Step1. Sign up on

You don’t even need to fill your personal email address or phone number. Sign up only requires a username and the passwords.

❗️Once you sign up successfully, you will get a Backup Recovery Codes. It’s very important! If you forget your passwords, you can reset it through recovery codes. Please save them in a safe place, or you will lose access to your account. Treat this like a private key. Remember to download and save it carefully!

Step2. Check the Node List and estimate your rewards with Calculator in advance

One of the key factors which are related to your session rewards is the location of your servers. The session rewards vary from different server locations. You can use the calculator to estimate your return easily. This will help you to choose an ideal server.

Step3. Click Start Staking to start

There are many ways for you to access Staking page.

  1. Click ‘Manage your nodes’ or ‘Dashboard’ on the homepage → Choose ‘Add’ button.
  2. Click ‘Calculator’ beside the node list on the homepage.
  3. Click ‘Start Staking’ under the part ‘Why do you need IPX node Platform Partner’.
  4. Click the ‘Join’ button in the Roadmap part on the homepage.

Step4. Submit your IPX wallet address

The system will check the IPX amount of your wallet to confirm your participation. Participation needs a minimum amount of 20,000 IPX. During the staking period, ensure the IPX in your wallet you submitted has no less than 20,000 IPX, or you will be regarded as cancelling your participation.

❗️The wallets of Exchanges are not supported to join staking on Please use these wallets:

Step5. Choose Staking Nodes

All participants need to choose at least one node so that you can earn session rewards by offering VPN traffic to global users on Tachyon VPN.

There are 4 parts in this section:

  1. Location: We have mentioned this in step 2. Location is related to the Session Numbers, Session Price and Session Rewards that Nodes can provide, which may affect the final return.
  2. Machine Type: Machine type is related to the Session Numbers and Session Rewards that Nodes can provide, which may affect the final return.
  3. Node number: the number of nodes that you can stake. More nodes will bring more rewards. You can set this number according to your need.
  4. Stake per node is related to the staking amounts. An individual Tachyon node has a staking capacity of 20,000–200,000 IPX. To start a single node, the minimum staking is 20,000 IPX. If your staking amount is beyond 200,000 IPX, the excess part will not be counted.
  5. Days of staking is related to the activities launched by ipxus at that time. If we start the activity, the longer you choose, there will be more bonus rewards.

Step6. Check the estimated return of the configured node, click Confirm to place the order

Step7. Receive your rewards

You can check your reward details and staking nodes in your account dashboard. You can also click the ‘Stop’ button to cancel your staking anytime.

Start IPX Staking on now!

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